It doesn’t matter how many resumes you send out or how many job boards you
visit… if you have an ineffective resume you will not get results.

Your resume is your calling card; your very first introduction to employers declaring who you are and what skills you bring to the table. Does your resume contain captivating references to your accomplishments and qualifications, or does it just list your job duties? Does it tell the employer what you can do for them, or does it just paint a picture of a lusterless past? Most of all, do you think it fascinates a hiring manager enough to be chomping at the bit to get you in for an interview? 

Your goal is to get interviews and secure job offers and it is my goal to help make that happen. If your resume doesn’t capture the employer’s attention in the first sixty seconds of reading it, then you will never make it into that interview room. You probably won’t even get a “thanks, but no thanks” letter. Career coaches call it “making a good impression” but I call it being on your
"A Game"  – because you need to bring it to win it. And it all starts with your resume.

Student – Entry Level – Mid-Career – Management – Executive
Academic or European CV – Federal – Military

I will craft a resume for you that combines your personal branding with a complete picture of your job accomplishments and a definitive representation of your skills. It won’t come from a template and it will be personalized based on your past history, consultation, and your answers to a comprehensive questionnaire. I take a holistic approach to resume writing – I consider all facets of your life and skills before I even take pen to paper. I will work hard to guarantee your satisfaction. If you are ready to get your foot in the doors of the highest quality employers, then contact me today!

I work with clients in most industries and at all career levels, but I specialize in professionals who are mid-career and with people looking to change careers. I also have experience with people who have gaps in their job history, have had numerous jobs, contractors, and who have had employment problems in the past.

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