Increase Success with an Organized Job Search

You organize your DVD collection, your spice rack, your bills…why not your job search? Submitting applications to multiple job postings is chaotic and hard to manage and you can lose track of what companies and what jobs you applied to. Hiring managers can take weeks to months to make hiring decisions. You may receive a call a month from now for a job you have forgotten about. You may even apply to the same job again. Don’t be embarrassed…be organized!

Get a system in place: Create a document in Word or Excel (or download the spreadsheet I have created for you). Keep track of the following:

  • Name of Company
  • Job Title of Posting
  • Posting Source
  • URL of Job Listing
  • Date of Application
  • Method of Application (Email, Fax, Mail)
  • Contact Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Hiring Manager Name
  • Interview Date
  • Thank You Card Date
  • Follow Up Call Date
  • Outcome
  • General Notes

Organize your job leads: If you are interested in a specific company, do some research and track your results. They may not have an opening at this time, but when they do, you will be prepared to make an application. Be generous with your notes.

Using your email program: Email offers you an opportunity to track job applications. When you send an email, BCC (blind carbon copy) yourself so you have a record. File this email in a folder called “applications”. Make sure the subject line of your email is informative and doesn’t simply say “Resume” or “Application”. Add the hiring manager to your contact list and if your email program has a calendar feature, make sure to log phone and physical interviews on it.

Accessing your information: Store your system on Google Drive for easy access from any computer or your mobile device.

Once you have your system in place you need to work it. Don’t set it up and then go back to your old ways. Having an organized job search campaign reduces your stress and increases your efficiency. Your system will produce results!


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