Prison Records and Your Job Search

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The Interview – Being Judged from Beginning to End

You can’t expect to get the job if you don’t look and act the part. Career coaches call it “making a good impression” but I call it being on your “A” game – because you need to bring it to win it. Leave your limp handshake, your frown, your woes, more »

Job Rejection Happens to Everybody – How You React is Key

Dealing with rejection in employment is hard, it taxes you emotionally and it contributes to a loss of self-esteem. It is similar to being rejected by a friend or a love interest. You feel a loss (potential employment), it makes you wonder what is wrong with you (your skills), and more »

Increase Success with an Organized Job Search

You organize your DVD collection, your spice rack, your bills…why not your job search? Submitting applications to multiple job postings is chaotic and hard to manage and you can lose track of what companies and what jobs you applied to. Hiring managers can take weeks to months to make hiring more »

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